The Message of Founder

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Sport is far from borders, races and even a country. The real sport is always free from any politics and is far beyond low-minded people's image.

Doubtless any kind of sport despite of its' structure and kind of activity is based on health-caring body and spirit and is always in a way of bringing health to the family body. Therefore all sport activities are family based. Beside this Multi-Combat has specially focused on the security of family.

Sports and Martial Arts are all respectful but Multi-Combat is far beyond them with more completed and bigger aims and low-minded images.

Multi-Combat is not only my personal sport but it belongs to everyone. Families in cities and continents of the world need to be trained with this particular sport to pass an immune and comfortable life.

Our aim is a pure and a beautiful world free of all injustices, sins, lies and disadvantages. Passing the up and downs of this path with the goal of living safe and sound we welcome people from all around the world and put our efforts to continuously struggle in this path.

About Us

To become big first become small by Sosai Oyama. The world is developing...

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Adress: Multi Combat academy, BLock No.404, Newhart crossroad, Dolat Road, Shariati avenue, Tehran, Iran

TeleFax: +9821-22208357 , 22247826


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