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Self-defense is a title which can be assumed to all Martial Sports in general. In fact each one of Martial Sports is treated as a kind of self-defense because the existing philosophy of these sports is success in advancement to defending oneself without weapons and in a passage of time parallel to the equipping of fighters with weapons there arises necessity of using such weapons called as Cold Weapons by an opponent to defend from oneself.

Like-wise academic categorization in the fields of study the Martial Arts and Sport Sciences are too categorized into different fields of specialty. For instance Football is further divided to different branches like "Footsal", "American Football", "Water-Polo" and "Seashore Football" and similarly sport s became specialized.

The outstanding character of a Derivative Sport from the Mother Sport is based on new techniques and methods. In today's society the concept of self-defense is not the general description as comprehended by people from the Martial Arts. But as said before it is a combination of more specific and easier techniques squeezed out from a Mother sport for easy and prompt understanding of interested people.

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